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WSP Nature Finds (prototype)

Try out our new prototype citizen science app!
Observe and record some living things in Washington Sq Park/NYC
location pin New York

Bugs In Our Backyard

Involve the public in survey of insect biodiversity
Report location, number, etc. of bugs and/or common host plants.
location pin Anywhere

What Do Birds Eat?

We need photos of birds eating insects and other arthropods!
Take photos of birds with insects & other "bugs" in their bills
location pin


To study people's behaviors and preferences around the world
Participate in one of the 5-10 minute experiments!
location pin Online

Beats Per Life

Learn more about animal heartbeats.
Find and share animal heartbeat data.
location pin Online

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  Relative Growth Rates Documented by UC Davis Scientists for Project MERCCURI “Encouraging” for Long-Term Manned Spaceflight Do microbes grow ...

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