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Updated 08/07/2016
Participation fee $0
Expenses $100
Spend the time outdoors
Location Hwy 115 at Minneola Rd California U.S.A. Yermo 140 miles north of Los Angeles
Appropriate for kids no
Teaching materials no

Required Gear:

Digging tools provided.

For dig, bring boots, hat, jacket, lunch for Saturday. Helpful to have magnifying glass, gloves, knee pads, a warm scarf, walking stick, sunglasses. Short hike uphill to excavation. Digging is dusty work, so you may wish to bring painter's masks or handkerchief.

Site is about 1 1/2 mile off the main highway on a maintained dirt and gravel road. Water provided, as well as very rough camp sites with pits and picnic tables, but no running water. Nearby hotels in Yermo and Barstow are from $35 to $60 per night, double occupancy.

For museum, wear comfortable clothes and bring magnifying glass if you have one.

Calico Early Man Site Archaeological Dig

Assist with an archaeology dig.
Volunteer your time to assist on the dig.

Archeology Dig started by Louis Leakey to study the origins of Early Man in the Americas. Volunteer on site in the California high desert or process artifacts in the San Bernardino County Museum under the direction of Dr. Dee Schroth, SBCM Curator of Anthropology, and Calico Project Archaeologist.

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