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Photo: NOAA
Participation fee $0
Expenses $0
Spend the time indoors
Location online
Appropriate for kids yes
Teaching materials no

Required Gear:

A computer with Internet access.

Digital Fishers

Help scientists better understand ocean animal communities
View 15-sec videos, identify ocean animals.

Digital Fisher needs volunteers to help analyze deep-sea videos -- 15 seconds at a time. Volunteers watch a short video of the ocean and click on a simple response.

The NEPTUNE Canada observatory has recorded thousands of hours of video from underwater cameras, but there is currently no software sophisticated enough to automatically identify a wide variety of animals. This is where you come in!

With no training at all, you'll be able to help scientists unveil the mechanisms that shape the animal communities of the ocean. You'll help scientists answer fundamental questions about biodiversity, species behavior, and the impact of various environmental factors.

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