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Photo: NASA
Participation fee $0
Expenses $0
Spend the time outdoors
Location anywhere
Appropriate for kids no
Teaching materials no

Required Gear:

You are required to provide your own water monitoring equipment. Most participants are already members of a water monitoring program, which generally provide this equipment.

Secchi Dip-In

Contribute to understanding of worldwide water quality.
Monitor waterways by taking "transparency" measurements on 1 day

The Secchi Dip-In is an annual event in which volunteers contribute to our understanding of water quality in the world.

Individuals in volunteer monitoring programs take a transparency measurement on one day during the weeks surrounding Canada Day and July Fourth. You can monitor lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, rivers, or streams, but you must already have the equipment and training. These transparency values are used to assess the transparency of volunteer-monitored lakes in the United States and Canada.

The Dip-In is open to any qualified individual in the world that monitors transparency, temperature, or pH in rivers, streams, estuaries, lakes, or reservoirs. One goal of the Dip-In is to increase the number and interest of volunteers in environmental monitoring.

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