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Photo: Paola Bouley
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Updated 10/17/2016
Participation fee $0
Expenses $0
Spend the time outdoors
Location California, United States of America
Appropriate for kids yes
Teaching materials yes

Required Gear:

The River Otter Ecology Project

Fill key gaps in biology/ecology of River Otters in San Fran Bay
Spot an otter, add observation to website.

Project locations:

  • California, United States of America

River otters are ideal ambassadors for habitat preservation and restoration since they are charismatic carnivores reliant on healthy watersheds to thrive. The River Otter Ecology Project strives to build understanding and shed light on the conservation status and ecology of the North American river otter and the ecosystems they inhabit in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our work will serve to fill key gaps in the biology and ecology of these elusive but important aquatic carnivores while also directly engaging the public in their conservation through field-research, environmental education and strategic restoration partnerships.

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