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Photo: DOD
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Updated 08/07/2016
Participation fee $0
Expenses $95
Spend the time outdoors
Location anywhere
Appropriate for kids yes
Teaching materials no

Required Gear:

This page lists all the materials you need to get your aerial mapping kit together: http://publiclaboratory.org/wiki/balloon-mapping-materials

Balloon mapping kits are also available for purchase if you don't want to locally source your materials: http://publiclaboratory.org/wiki/balloon-mapping-kit

Note: The $95.00 kit cost does not include helium

Public Laboratory Balloon and Kite Mapping

Develop, apply open-source tools to environmental exploration.
Incorporate these DIY aerial mapping tools in your research.

This DIY mapping tool was the first developed by Public Lab, as part of the Grassroots Mapping project. Citizens use helium-filled balloons and digital cameras to generate high resolution “satellite” maps of areas such as in the Gulf Coast and Gowanus Canal. Although this tool has been in use for two years, components of the kit -- kite and balloon design, the rig, the camera -- continue to evolve as they are adopted in new places and adapted for new purposes. Besides the aerial mapping tools, Public Lab has also developed MapKnitter.org, an online tool for stitching aerial images into maps.

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