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Updated 08/18/2016
Presented by New Zealand Marine Studies Centre
Participation fee $0
Expenses $0
Spend the time outdoors
Appropriate for kids yes
Teaching materials yes

Required Gear:

Instructions and a data recording sheet
A quadrat or rope to measure a square metre
A camera is useful
A shore guide to identify your finds
Sieve, Trowel, Core and Bucket for sandy and muddy shores

Marine Metre Squared

Survey the intertidal community in New Zealand.
Submit observations from 1m x 1m square patch of shore.

Marine Metre Squared (MM2) is an easy way to survey the intertidal community. Monitor a 1m x 1m square patch of your local shore once every season by recording the animals and plants that live there.

Take part in special scientific studies and fun educational challenges such as hunting for pest species, looking for evidence of animals breeding, and measuring seaweed growth.

Help others identify their new finds with the online forum. Submit your own questions and encourage others around New Zealand to take part.

The perfect project for families looking for holiday activities, schools and community groups looking for ways to engage with and improve their local environments.

See the project website for survey protocols, forms and resources to help you with your surveys. Resources are available for both rocky and sandy and muddy shores.

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