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Photo: The CORE Foundation
Participation fee $0
Expenses $0
Spend the time outdoors
Location The Caribbean Ocean
Appropriate for kids yes
Teaching materials no

Required Gear:

To become a certified responder you will need your dive certification and to have gone through the CLRP certification process.

To become a lionfish spotter you will need a lionfish marker consisting of a wine cork (real cork), a metal washer, and construction tape. You may visit our website to see a video on how to construct them. Or ask your hotel or dive shop for markers when you are out snorkeling.

Caribbean Lionfish Response Program

The Caribbean Lionfish Response Program (CLRP) was developed using a bilateral marine management strategy. This two-fold program approach includes Information and Education (I&E) and Lionfish Location and Removal. This Program has been running successfully since October 2009. The goals of the CLRP are:

Educate local divers, fishermen, local schools, tourists and the general-public on the urgent Lionfish crisis and how each can contribute to help resolve this rapid growing invasive issue.

Safely and efficiently search and remove Lionfish across the USVI territory by placing trained divers in the water.

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