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Updated 08/07/2016
Presented by North Carolina Coastal Reserve & National Estuarine Research Reserve
Participation fee $0
Expenses $0
Spend the time outdoors
Location Masonboro Island Reserve North Carolina
Appropriate for kids no
Teaching materials no

Required Gear:

Smart phone
Maps (received at training session)
Kayak, canoe or paddleboard
Bungee straps for your supplies
Drybag or Ziploc for electronics
Quick drying clothes
Closed-toe shoes
Waterproof sunscreen
Bug spray
Water, water, and more water
Parking notice (received at training session)

Terrapin Tally

The North Carolina Coastal Reserve & National Estuarine Research
Paddle designated routes within the Reserve to collect data.

This event is a fun and exciting way to spend time out on the water while contributing to scientific research. You will be helping the N.C. Coastal Reserve & National Estuarine Research Reserve and the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission to estimate the population of Diamondback Terrapins within and around the Masonboro Island Reserve.

There is little data available about the population of terrapins in North Carolina. It is important for the Reserve to determine how many Diamondback Terrapins are remaining in the marshes and waters of the Masonboro Island Reserve. The data you provide will be used to estimate terrapin populations and can be used to compare with data from other salt marshes along the coast or to track changes to the resident population over time.

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