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Projects on SciStarter are eligible for promotion on Discover, Astronomy, National Science Teachers Association, PBS Kids, and SciStarter social media and newsletter.

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Engage and provide feedback to volunteers through the SciStarter volunteer recruitment and management system.

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Easily track project contributions, analytics, and more. Embed the easy-to-use SciStarter snipped on your site to become an affiliate project and get access to enhanced analytics.

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Become a SciStarter Affiliate

As a SciStarter Affiliate, you gain access to enhanced analytics about your Scistarter volunteers. For example, you can learn what other types of projects and events your volunteers participate in. You will also be able to use our Volunteer Finder to target search for volunteers based on their location, what instruments they own, or even what skills they have.

The following are our currently affiliated projects: Ant Picnic, Ant Vasion,, CoCoRaHS, CosmoQuest, DeepMoji, Eyes On ALZ, Globe at Night, iNaturalist, iSeeChange, Project Squirrel, Sparrow Swap, Stream Selfie, and ZomBee Watch.

In addition, your Affiliate Project will be boosted in the recommendations section of volunteers' dashboards.

To become a SciStarter Affiliate, simply embed our free web snippet to your website to enable participants to track their contributions to your project on their SciStarter dashboard. They will also have the opportunity to do a one-click sign-up for SciStarter while remaining on your site.

The Participation API and visible message are customized for each project you have on SciStarter. More information about the Participation API and visible message, as well as the codes for each, are located on your project's Tools page accessible via your dashboard. Full implementation instructions for the API can be found on this page.

Network, Affiliate, and Premium Benefits

All projects are promoted through the SciStarter Network. Prospective volunteers can learn about your project from our Project Finder, newsletter, and social media. Your project is also promoted through our syndicated network, which includes Discover Magazine, the National Science Teachers Association, PBSKids, and more.

As presented above, SciStarter Affiliates enjoy added benefits, including access to enhanced analytics, integration with your own project's website, as well as tools for volunteer recruitment and engagement. In addition to Network and Affiliate benefits, SciStarter also provide a number of customized Premium services. Interested? Contact

Network and Affiliate benefits are free, while Premium services are fee-based. The first column of this table lists the benefits of using SciStarter for Projects. This benefits column is organized under four categories: Promotions, Recruitment, Analytics and Community. Each of these categories span four columns. The second, third and fourth columns present the benefits for the three levels of project benefits: Network (the base level), Affiliate, and Premium.
Promotions in the Project Finder, newsletter, social media, and our syndicated network yes yes yes
Connect with thousands of educators looking for classroom-ready projects yes yes yes
Design special campaigns, promotions, and live events no no yes
Targeted volunteer recruitment no yes yes
Expedited project sign ups no yes yes
Volunteer management tool yes yes yes
Priority placement in our Project Recommendations no yes yes
Custom, targeted supplements to the SciStarter newsletter no yes yes
Custom high-priority promotion with our recruitment partners no no yes
Basic visitor analytic data yes yes yes
Detailed data about your volunteer community no yes yes
Custom tools for analyzing participation no no yes
Custom embedded assessment for project evaluation reports no no yes
Enable your community to earn credit for their participation no yes yes