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Emotional Load of Calls

Main Project Information
Presented By Department of Ethology at the Eötvös Loránd University
Goal Investigate the foundations of dog-human relationships
Task Listen to dog and human sounds & determine emotions.
Where Global, anywhere on the planet

Assist in research investigating the evolutionary and ethological foundations of dog-human relationship. Dogs, like other animals, communicate through vocalization. They communicate their needs and desires, and they can also communicate their emotions.

The Emotional load of calls is a 30 minute survey, with two optional pauses after 10-minute intervals. You will hear human and dog calls, and your task is to mark the sound sample based on the caller's emotional state and intensity

How to Join

To participate in the survey, click on this link:

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Social Media
Ideal Age Group Elementary school (6 - 10 years), Middle school (11 - 13 years), High school (14 - 17 years), College, Graduate students, Adults, Families, Seniors
Ideal Frequency Just once
Average Time Less than an hour
Spend the Time indoors
Type of Activity Exclusively online
Tags canine, dog, emotion, human, vocalization
Project Updated 04/21/2017