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Noise map

Main Project Information
Presented By The Open University, UK
Goal Map your surrounding noise
Task Measure and compare surrounding noise

Noise around us can increase stress and make it difficult to concentrate. This project will help you map your surrounding noise, compare it to other places and decide whether you live in a noisy environment.

How to Join

To join this project:
1. Visit
2. Download the Sense-it app on your Android device. You can find it by searching for Sense-it in Google play.
3. Go to the Share tab on the app and press the cloud icon.
4. Log in to the Sense-it app.
5. Join the "Noise map"project. This will be added to the list of projects in the Share tab of the app.

Required Gear

Mobile devices
Sense-it app from Google Play store

Ideal Age Group Elementary school (6 - 10 years), Middle school (11 - 13 years), High school (14 - 17 years), College, Graduate students, Adults, Families
Spend the Time outdoors
Tags app, noise, nquire-it, sense-it, sensor, sensors, stress
Project Updated 05/23/2018