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Track Fire and Wolves:Canadian Rockies

Main Project Information
Presented By Earthwatch
Goal Learn how wolves and fire can shape the landscape
Task Track wolves and study landscape in the Canadian Rockies.
Where Canada Waterton Lakes National Park Canada

To help keep this amazing place intact, park managers need to understand exactly how this food-chain reaction works. Help them by measuring how much vegetation elk are eating and how the controlled fires have shaped the plant populations. Spend one day on the trail of wolves, following their tracks in areas of high wolf activity, such as their meeting sites and travel corridors.

How to Join

Go to and sign up.

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Expenses $2350
Required Gear

You will be studying the environment in the park and tracking wolves.

Ideal Age Group Middle school (11 - 13 years), High school (14 - 17 years), College, Graduate students, Adults
Spend the Time outdoors
Tags canada, nature, wolves
Project Updated 05/23/2018