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Cochrane Crowd

Main Project Information
Presented By Cochrane
Goal Contribute to better health care. No experience necessary!
Task Help produce health evidence!
Where Online only

Join Cochrane Crowd and become a Cochrane citizen scientist. Anyone can join our collaborative volunteer effort to help categorise and summarise healthcare evidence so that we can make better healthcare decisions.

No experience necessary! You can do it from the comfort of your home and just five minutes a week will make a difference.

In the last 20 years research output has grown exponentially making it really difficult to keep up with the evidence. As a Cochrane citizen scientist you would be helping us to identify and describe the research that may be very important in helping us to determine whether a treatment works, or whether a diagnostic test is accurate.

We're a growing community of over 4000 people from 88 countries and we've categorised over 1 million research records since February 2016.

Join our growing community of Cochrane citizens and together let's find those trials!

How to Join

Go to Cochrane Crowd ( and sign-up. Sign-up just requires a name and an email address and should take less than a minute to do.

Project Timing Cochrane Crowd is a micro-tasking platform that hosts small discrete tasks aimed identifying and describing health evidence so that that evidence can then be appraised, assessed and synthesised in systematic reviews. This initiative is ongoing, as we aim to continually identify new evidence as it is produced and published. There is therefore no end as such, and we welcome contributors from willing volunteers either just once or on an ongoing basis, as best suits the contributors. All contributions count and are really appreciated by Cochrane and those producing Cochrane health evidence.
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Ideal Age Group High school (14 - 17 years), College, Graduate students, Adults, Seniors
Ideal Frequency Just once
Average Time Less than an hour
Tags citations, clinical trials, cochrane, diagnosis, disease, diseases, ebm, evidence based medicine, health, healthcare, health care, health evidence, illness, illnesses, medicine, randomised controlled trials, randomized controlled trials, rct, screening, treatments
Project Updated 05/23/2018