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Hoyt Arboretum Terrestrial Orchids

Main Project Information
Presented By Hoyt Arboretum
Goal Improve natural habitat for Spiranthes in Hoyt Arboretum populat
Task Identify grasses and orchids in plots
Where 4100 SW Fairview Blvd Portland OR 97221 97221 4100 SW Fairview Blvd, Portland, 97221 OR 97221 97221

Volunteers can help:

-Prevent local extirpation (removal) of historic population of uncommon orchids (Orchidacea Spiranthes).

-Research best restoration treatments for Spiranthes in Tualatin Mountains and create management protocol for the Hoyt Arboretum.

-Improve natural habitat for Spiranthes in Hoyt Arboretum population and increase population count of Spiranthes (total number of plants).

-Increase native prairie species and specific Spiranthes cohorts for ecosystem health.

-Decrease invasive species.

How to Join

1. Name and Contact Number/Email
2. Interest in project
3. How you heard about the project
4. Availability to participate

Social Media
Required Gear

Walking Shoes
Rain gear

Special Skills Participants will identify native grasses and invasive species Participants will collect and record data on specific areas with orchids Participants will follow protocol on site maintenance Participants will enter data in a statistics program for analysis Participants will research and write summaries of applicable studies of a similar nature
Ideal Age Group College, Adults
Spend the Time outdoors
Type of Activity At a science center, zoo or aquarium
Tags arboretum, citizen, forest, grass, hoyt, orchid, oregon, park, portland, public, science
Project Updated 05/23/2018