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Broodmapper: Honey Bee Development and Citizen Science

Main Project Information
Goal Assess immature honey bee development
Task Identify contents of cells in honey comb
Where Wooster, 44691 OH 44691 None

The Ohio State University OARDC is investigating the interactions between fungicides and miticides and their effect on honey bee brood survival and development. As a part of that study, Broodmapper is used to determine the cell contents using photographs of combs from experimental colonies.

How to Join
Ideal Age Group High school (14 - 17 years), College, Adults, Families, Seniors
Ideal Frequency Just once
Average Time Less than an hour
Training Materials
Tags alfalfa leafcutter bee, brood, bumble bee, comb, development, fungicide, honey bee, insecticide, larva, pesticide, pupa, queen, squash bee, toxicology
Project Updated 05/23/2018