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Vermont Forest Bird Monitoring

Main Project Information
Presented By Vermont Center for Ecostudies
Goal Monitor forest interior bird populations in Vermont
Task Survey bird count stations during the breeding season each year
Where Vermont, United States of America

Initiated in 1989, the Forest Bird Monitoring Program is now one of the region’s longest-running studies of forest bird population trends. We’re gathering data across a broad range of forest types. While numerous studies have documented declines songbirds inhabiting fragmented landscapes, few monitor birds in protected undisturbed forests in the Northeast. With troubling losses of forest habitats in Latin America and the Caribbean, where many of these birds spend the winter, it becomes critical to understand how these changes affect – over the long term – diversity and abundance on breeding grounds.

How to Join

This is a project for skilled birders. Volunteers must be able to identify a full suite of eastern forest bird species by sight and sound. The rewards are solitude in remote forests, a dawn chorus, and valuable data on forest bird populations. In conducting these early morning counts in interior forest habitats, volunteers primarily rely on identifying birds by ear rather than by eye. And because they work off-trail, forest bird monitors must know how to navigate with map and compass or GPS. (Being fairly functional before sunrise is also a prerequisite!)

Special Skills Expert bird identification skills for northeastern U.S. forest species, both by sight and sound.
Ideal Age Group College, Graduate students, Adults, Seniors
Ideal Frequency Other
Average Time Several hours
Spend the Time outdoors
Type of Activity On a hike
Media Mentions
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Tags birding, forest, monitoring
Project Updated 05/23/2018