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City of Kalamunda Biodiversity Inventory

Main Project Information
Goal To record all the organisms we find in the City and make that da
Task Take photographs of plants, fungi, invertebrates and vertebrates

There are many bushland reserves in the City of Kalamunda and loads of bush on public and private land; the City is rich in plant and animal life.
We aim to record as many species as possible from across the City to better understand its natural values and contribute to the City's environmental planning processes.

How to Join

By taking photographs of the plants and animals you see across the Cityof Kalamunda, identifying them, and uploading the images and the location where they were taken to the Atlas of Living Australia.

Required Gear

When you're out in the bush make sure you wear a hat, sun-protective clothing and sturdy shoes. Use a smart phone or tablet to take photographs and to log your sightings with the ALA, or take photographs and upload the data later using your computer. If you have a flora collecting licence, use secateurs and a plant press to take voucher specimens.

Ideal Age Group
Tags animals, biodiversity, birds, butterflies, ecology & environment, flowers, fungi, grasses, identification., insects, insects & pollinators, lizards, marsupials, moths, nature & outdoors, nrm, photograph, plants, reptiles, smart phone, snakes, spiders, tablet
Project Updated 10/04/2018