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Monitoring Coastal Raptor Nests in Redland City

Main Project Information
Goal Identify and map the location of coastal raptor nests within Red
Task Observe and record coast raptor nesting sites and bird behaviour

Redland City Council, partnering with BirdLife Australia, are collecting data on raptor nest around the Redland City. This valuable information will contribute to managing, improving and understanding the raptor population in the Redlands.

Redland City Council encourages participants of this survey to exercise reasonable care and caution whilst participating in this survey. Redland City Council, including its agents and employees, does not accept liability for any damage or loss whatsoever arising as a result of, whether directly or indirectly, this survey.

How to Join

IMPORTANT: If you have not registered with ALA before, you will be asked to register. Please <a href=""> fill in this form </a> and then click the confirmation email link that will be sent to you. Please return to this page to submit your raptor nest sighting.

<h2><a href=""> Click here to submit your raptor nest sighting</a></h2>

Required Gear

Bird ID materials, Binoculars, Own transport, Sun protection, Appropriate outdoor clothing and accessories.

Ideal Age Group
Tags biodiversity, birdlife australia, birds, birds of prey, brahminy kite, ecology, osprey, raptor, raptor nest, redland city, redland city council, redlands, white-bellied sea eagle
Project Updated 10/05/2018