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Crowdsource noise levels of restaurants and bars in your city

Main Project Information
Presented By SoundPrint
Goal Monitor/raise noise pollution awareness; promote quieter venues
Task Use app to record sound levels of restaurants/bars and submit
Where Global, anywhere on the planet

Use the SoundPrint iPhone app to measure sound levels of restaurants, bars, and cafes in your city and tag them to the database.

This allows others in your city to discover which venues are quiet or noisy. Especially those with hearing loss, other sensory disorders or those who simply prefer quieter spots. It also helps add to the only large-scale sound level database that will be used for research to study the affects of loud noise on the health of venue employees and patrons.

Project Timing Whenever out a venue, please make sound level measurements and submit them to the database - all within the app.
Social Media
Ideal Age Group Graduate students, Adults, Families, Seniors
Ideal Frequency Per week
Average Time Less than an hour
Training Materials
Tags health, hearing loss, noise
Project Updated 12/07/2018