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Bandicoot Sighting Register

Main Project Information
Goal Please record sightings of Bandicoots here. Photographs also wel
Task Identify Bandicoot and take photograph if possible. GPS location
Where Global, anywhere on the planet

To record sightings of bandicoots within Australia and also Papua New Guinea
Quenda, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Golden Bandicoot, Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Northern Brown Bandicoot, Western Barred Bandicoot, Long Nosed Bandicoot, Rufous Spiny Bandicoot, Bilby Macrotis lagotis, Clara's Spiny Bandicoot, Menzies' Spiny Bandicoot, Common Spiny Bandicoot, David's Spiny Bandicoot, Common Spiny Bandicoot, Mouse Bandicoot, Eastern Striped Bandicoot, Striped Bandicoot, Arfak Pygmy Bandicoot, Papuan Bandicoot, Seram Bandicoot

How to Join

Join our facebook group to share your photographs of bandicoots and also to record sightings.

Required Gear

Camera or Pen & Paper to record location

Ideal Age Group
Tags , animals, biodiversity, ecology, ecology & environment, fire ecology, indigenous knowledge, insects & pollinators, nature & outdoors
Project Updated 12/19/2018