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New Jersey Audubon Shorebird Survey

Main Project Information
Goal Monitor trends in shorebird populations.
Task Count and record shorebirds in NJ.
Where New Jersey United States

New Jersey Audubon Shorebird Survey needs volunteers to count shorebirds and record information about their behavior in the New Jersey meadowlands.

The survey is aimed at assessing status and changes in populations of shorebirds. The data collected by volunteers will be incorporated into the national database of the Program for Regional and International Shorebird Monitoring, whose overall goal is to monitor trends in shorebird populations.

In addition, the information will help identify areas important to southbound shorebirds, and define shorebird management goals for New Jersey.

New Jersey residents: don't miss this chance to make a difference!

How to Join

For more information, contact Nellie Tsipoura at

Required Gear

Clipboard & Pencils, Erasers, etc.
Bird Count Datasheets for all survey points
Overall Site Maps on aerial photo
Survey Point Maps with Count Circle on aerial photo (one for each point)
Route Map(s)
Watch with second hand (or timer)
Compass (optional)
GPS Unit (optional)
Thermometer (optional)

Ideal Age Group Middle school (11 - 13 years), High school (14 - 17 years), College, Graduate students, Adults
Spend the Time outdoors
Type of Activity At the beach, In oceans, streams, rivers, lakes, While fishing
Tags in oceans, lakes, ocean, rivers, streams
Project Updated 04/21/2017