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OPAL Climate Survey

Main Project Information
Goal Help researchers study how human activities affect the climate
Task Measure wind activity by blowing bubbles
Where England

The OPAL Climate Survey consists of four ways to help researchers investigate how human activities affect the climate. These include:

Activity 1 - Contrails in the Sky: By looking for contrails (tracks left by planes) in the sky and reporting your results online, you'll help scientists test the accuracy of existing computer models that tell us where contrails should be.

Activity 2 and 3 - Measuring the Wind: In Activity 2, you'll use a mirror and compass to measure the wind direction at cloud height. In Activity 3, you'll use bubbles to calculate the wind direction and speed at our height.

Activity 4 - How the Weather Affects Us: You'll answer simple questions about how hot or cold you feel and the types of clothes you are wearing.

This is one of five OPAL surveys across England to learn more about the state of the environment. Anyone can get involved. The studies are open to all ages and abilities, and your contribution will be important in helping scientists build up a picture of England's natural environment.

How to Join

Step 1: Download the instructions and guides.

Step 2: Find a suitable space to carry out the survey and record your findings in the workbook.

Step 3: Submit your results online. You can also submit your contrail observations by text message.

The project provide all the easy-to-follow survey instructions and support you need at:

You can also visit the project's frequently asked questions:

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Required Gear

The project website provides a list of all necessary materials and resources.

Ideal Age Group Elementary school (6 - 10 years), Adults, Families
Spend the Time outdoors
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Project Updated 04/21/2017