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Adventure Scientists

Main Project Information
Goal Collect data for conservation partners!
Task Join a project and collect data from remote locations
Where Global, anywhere on the planet

Adventure Scientists is a unique initiative that helps create working relationships between scientists and adventure athletes to perform some truly unique research. Projects have been created all over the world and by groups of all kinds. The project even provides training for volunteers.

The exciting benefits from these projects are numerous. Adventurers benefit by contributing to meaningful conservation research in areas that they visit. Additionally, scientists benefit from efficiently attaining data that previously would have been hard or impossible to acquire.

How to Join

To check out some of the ongoing projects go to:


If you are a scientist looking for an adventurer, head to:

If you are an adventurer looking for a scientist, head to:

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Ideal Age Group College, Graduate students, Adults, Families
Spend the Time outdoors
Type of Activity In snow or rain, At the beach, In oceans, streams, rivers, lakes, On a walk, run, On a hike
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Tags adventure, bike, biking, biology, camping, conservation, hike, hiking, kayak, kayaking, mountaineering, research, scientists, skiing
Project Updated 06/19/2018