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SUDS: Send Us your Dirt from Sandy

Main Project Information
Goal Help uncover what chemicals lurk in Hurricane Sandy's sediment.
Task Collect and send in sediment samples from Sandy's aftermath.
Where Areas flooded by Sandy, NY, NJ, CT USA

In the wake of Superstorm (hurricane) Sandy, many thousands of people are affected by flood waters which brought sediment (mud, sand, and dirt) into homes and businesses. We are interested in learning what chemicals may be present in this sediment and in the flood waters, and we need your help! We are asking people who are recovering from Sandy to collect samples and send them to us so that we can analyze them.

How to Join

How to sample sediment (dirt): take a clean container, like an empty water bottle, clean tupperware, ziploc bag, etc, and fill with wet sediment. Pour off any water sitting on top. We'll take any amount, but something the size of about half a sandwich is ideal. Please label the container (or put something in the box with it) with the date and time, the location (address, if it was taken inside or outside, any other description), and your contact information in case we have questions.

Where to send samples:
Alison Keimowitz
Chemistry Department
Vassar College
124 Raymond Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604

We are also requesting donations through crowd funding at

Social Media
Required Gear

Clean plastic container.

Ideal Age Group Adults
Spend the Time outdoors
Type of Activity Emergency Response
Class Materials none
Tags Hurricane sandy, sediment
Project Updated 04/22/2017