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The Human Memome Project

Main Project Information
Presented By The Human Memome Project
Goal Explore possible correlations between human memes and lifespan.
Task Complete an online survey about your memes.
Where Online only

We want to be able to find correlations between people's ideas, behaviours and aspirations (all of which we are calling memes) and their health, wellbeing and lifespan.

If we can find ideas, memes, behaviours and aspirations that could potentially increase health, wellbeing and lifespan we use this data to create an academic dataset, educational tools and further citizen science and quantified self practices.

We are not just interested in finding associations with increasing average lifespan, or reaching the current maximum lifespan, but finding ideas and behaviours that may be correlated with increasing maximum lifespan as well as maintaining mutual health and wellbeing.

The dataset will be analysed using inter-disciplinary methods including linguistics, bioinformatics, omics, statistics, machine learning, computational modelling, memetics.

We would like to get at least 1000 participants, and many ideas, behaviours and aspirations per person.

I am a PhD student who has so far funded this project personally to following my passions (longevity science, science outreach and empowering people to be healthy, happy and long lived). I would really appreciate if you could take part and share this project with your friends and family.

What we think and do effects how long we will live and could potentially live - let us work together to find the best thoughts and actions to create a better world!

How to Join

To take part:

1) Read the considerations:!important-considerations/cdlg

2) Fill out health survey:!how-it-works/c1yjw

3) Fill out meme survey or upload a list of meme:!how-it-works/c1yjw

Social Media
Required Gear

Internet access (only for filling in first survey and uploading meme data, memes can be recorded offline using word documents or notepad and then uploaded when have internet access).

Ideal Age Group Adults
Spend the Time indoors
Type of Activity At home
Media Mentions
and Publications
Tags behaviour, community data, health, idea, lifespan, longevity, meme, memes, people, psychology, quantified self, recording, rwjf, social, sociology, survey, wellbeing
Project Updated 04/21/2017