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Main Project Information
Goal Map deer road casualties throughout Britain and beyond!
Task Download free app and start spotting!
Where United Kingon

Welcome to OhDeer! Helping to map deer road casualties throughout Britain (or beyond!) via your Smart Phone.

The six species of deer living wild in Britain are our largest terrestrial mammals, ranging from the majestic red deer, to smaller fallow, roe, sika, muntjac and Chinese water deer. The large rise over the past 40 years in road traffic volumes as well as numbers and distribution of deer has unfortunately led to deer casualties at roadsides becoming an increasingly common sight. The total number of deer-vehicle collisions in Britain is estimated to exceed 42,000 per year, but most are not actually recorded. Information you log using this citizen-science smart phone app will assist our research on numbers and locations of deer accident hotspots.

How to Join

To get involved download the FREE 'Epicollect' App (via Android or Iphone store), then simply load the 'OhDeer'project as per instructions at

More info on deer vehicle collisions and this research project is provided at where further information about Ohdeer will be added soon.

Social Media
Required Gear

Smart Phone

Ideal Age Group College, Graduate students, Adults
Spend the Time outdoors
Type of Activity In the car
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Tags deer, deer collision, deer vehicle collision, roadkill
Project Updated 05/23/2018