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Main Project Information
Goal Help scientists identify what makes songs catchy
Task Play an online name-that-tune game!
Where Online only

Imagine listening to your favourite song. When do you nod your head and sing along? That’s the hook, the most memorable part of the song, crafted by songwriters to stick in your head and exploited by DJs to get people onto the dance floor. Everyone knows the hook when they hear it, but scientists don’t know why.

How to Join

Help scientists unlock what makes music catchy by taking part in #Hooked, a citizen science name-that-tune game. Created by world leading music cognition scientists, Henkjan Honing and John Ashley Burgoyne from the University of Amsterdam, data from #Hooked could contribute to future Alzheimer’s disease research.

Social Media
Required Gear

Computer, headphones

Ideal Age Group Adults
Type of Activity Exclusively online, At home
Class Materials Music
Media Mentions
and Publications
Tags england, hook, hooked, #hooked, manchester, music
Project Updated 04/21/2017