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Domeland Project

Main Project Information
Goal Find evidence of an impact origin for the Domeland structure.
Task Search for shatter cones in the Domeland realm.
Where California USA

Screen capture of the Domeland realm from the NOAA weather cam atop Bald Mountain. View is looking south, and the closest granite domes are ~7 km (~4.3 mi) away.

Required Gear

Knowledge of the Domeland wilderness.
Outdoor skills.
Wilderness experience.

Ideal Age Group College, Graduate students, Adults
Spend the Time outdoors
Type of Activity On a hike
Tags Bakersfield, California, cone, crater, Domeland, impact, Kern, meteorite, Porterville, Ridgecrest, River, Sequoia, shatter, Sierra, Tulare, wilderness
Project Updated 04/22/2017