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Photo: Center for Community Driven Research
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Updated 08/07/2016
Presented by Center for Community Driven Research (CODER), Aarhus University
Participation fee $0
Expenses $0
Spend the time indoors
Location online
Appropriate for kids yes
Teaching materials no

Required Gear:

All you need is a computer, a mouse set to low sensitivity and of course connection to Internet. Have fun!

Quantum Moves

Involve everyone to do front line research in quantum physics!
Play Quantum Moves and help building a scalable quantum computer

The Quantum Moves game was born out of the dilemmas and questions the quantum physics researchers at Aarhus University confronted with when they took the challenge of building a quantum computer in the basement lab of the university.

Confident that the human brain is able to do better than even the most advanced computational machines available in the world, the CODER team decided to create the "Quantum Moves" game and invite everyone to play and get the chance to do front-line quantum physics research.

The idea behind the game is simple: every time you play, your mouse movements are simulating the laser beams moves used in the real quantum lab to transport the atoms onto the right pathways.

Your goal is to achieve the best scores in "QComp" and "Beat AI" labs, which translate the most difficult scientific challenges, and thus help science make a step forward towards building a quantum computer.

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