Recruit More Participants for Your Project

SciStarter is proud to be a leading and consistent source of information about citizen science projects, people, platforms, tools, and trends!  Did you know that in addition to the promotional and program services we provide at no cost, SciStarter helps individuals and organizations reach new audiences and broaden the impact of research through customized, premium services?

Advertise on SciStarter:

  • 200 x 200 ad on targeted project pages: $500/month or $1200/3 months. ~150,000 impressions/month.
  • 728 x 90 banner ad on homepage and run of site: $1000/month or a guaranteed 300,000 impressions.

Consider SciStarter as you develop your grant proposals! We identify and recruit targeted participants for citizen science projects. Whether you are seeking a few dozen, highly targeted participants, or several thousand, we provide a menu of services to help you launch or manage a successful initiative and we will deliver an engaged community.

Here are some premium services you can expect from SciStarter:

  • Participant recruitment and management
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Targeted ads on SciStarter and other relevant sites
  • Events
  • Distribution of kits, sensors, project materials
  • Collection of samples, data, information
  • Ongoing communications with your community

The University of California, Davis, for example, recently contracted our services to recruit 2,000 participants to collect and submit 4,000 microbe samples for Project MERCCURI.

We loved receiving this email from Dr. Carlyn S. Buckler at the Paleontological Research Institution and its Museum of the Earth:

“Because of SciStarter, libraries are participating in the Mastodon Matrix Project in droves!”

To learn how we can help you, email

SciStarter’s mission is 1) to help lay people find interesting science-related activities to take part in, and 2) to help the coordinators of such projects promote them and find potential participants. We perform this free “match-making” function by inviting organizers to submit descriptions of their projects to our Project Finder tool. We promote these projects on our site and through our partners including Discover Magazine, Public Library of Science, WHYY/NPR, and the National Science Teachers Association.

We are also an official partner of the USA Science and Engineering Festival, and will be hosting citizen science projects at their DC events and at several dozen additional live science events around the world this year.

If you have a project you’d like to add to SciStarter, go right ahead. It’s simple and free. Just click on “Add a Project” in the “For Scientists” section on the homepage.

Contact , tell us about your goals, and we will develop a tailored "premium services" package for your project.